Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. Well, ok, maybe I shouldn't have said things were going smoothly!   
2. I'm old enough to have a 12 year old and 14 year old that's a stretch! 
3. When I'm making memories with my kids I'm happy! 
4. I'm trying to eat and live a bit healthier. 
5. And frankly, the eating part is really difficult!  I love food way too much. 
6. Bigotry is root of all evil. But how do you talk people out of their beliefs? 
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to n's birthday party, tomorrow my plans include making the girls chocolate chip pancakes and orange floats for breakfast and Sunday, I want to relax!



The Liebers said...

Chocolate chip pancakes sound yummy! I've got blueberries I might try, though. The kiddos would love those. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your pancakes!
You can check out my answers here on my blog.

Diana_CT said...

Oooo... can I have some chocolate chip pancakes?

My grand nieces & nephews all have to have smiley faces on their chocolate chip pancakes.

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