Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Word View - RHYTHM

What is Our Word View?  A collaboration between two friends who lost touch over the years but have reconnected online.  We share a love of the ocean, photography, quotes, animals and family.  Often times our photographic interpretations of our word of the week are very similar.

I chose the word rhythm for this our photographic interpretation.  I have already peaked at what Liz chose for the week and you will not be disappointed by her beautiful image.   I hope you will go over to Our Word View and see what Liz shares this week.  

When I began to think about the word rhythm, nature came to mind.  There is so much pattern and movement in nature.  Immediately I thought of the ocean and her tides.  This is a rhythm that speaks to my soul.  It is a rhythm that restores my peace of mind.  Next I thought of what might impact that ocean rhythm and I thought of the moon and her phases.  Not only does the moon effect the ocean and her tides but she beats to her own drummer as she shows us a different phase each night.  Rhythm is a good thing.


1 comment:

Liz said...

Barb it always amazes me how we thinks along the same wave length when we interpret things! The obvious choice for this interpretation would have been to do with dancing but we both chose something to do with nature!

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