Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Looking Down

Kim challenged us to 'look down' this week.  I spent some time shooting pics this week thinking about looking down.  Unfortunately I was not pleased with any of the pictures I captured so I decided to look back into my archives to find something that could fit this weeks theme.  As you might expect I chose to go with some ocean/beach views.  The ocean is my favorite place.  Several of the images I chose don't immediately make you think 'look down', but when you think of moving toward a destination you just might find yourself looking down the path, road or shore.

I took a snap shot of my basic recipe for my pictures.  I was going for a washed, vintage look.  What do you think?  



WildeLifePhotography said...

Love the processing you've done.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I love the way you altered the photos. I have to figure out what you did so I can try it. I appear to be the only blogger on earth without an Iphone, so no cool vintagey looks for me without a thorough understanding of Photoshop. Ha! As if! Love your looking down.

Stephanie said...

Very pretty - your processing captured the vintage look perfectly.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your kind words!

Loretta you crack me up! I don't have an cool phone either! I wish I did. Sadly my kids will probably have one before I do!

Photoshop isn't too difficult you just have to play around with it... practice is what it takes.


Pat said...

Lovely work!

Liz said...

Wonderful Barb!

Susan said...

I love how you processed these photos. You are really getting good!

Barbara said...

Thanks Susan! Practice, practice and more practice!


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