Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Texture Tuesday

Today is the first Tuesday of August so it is 'not necessarily textured Tuesday'.  How fun to be able to share a favorite picture without altering it in any way.

So last week I visited my friend M at her home.  I have been sending her cards all summer as she recovers from surgery.  She shared with me a book of beautiful photos byAndy Goldsworthy.   He captures the most beautiful images from nature often using natural elements to create intricate designs.  His book inspired me.  One of his images involved a large rock that he covered with bright red leaves.    So I thought I would try working with my small beach pebbles and my impatiens to try and mimic what Goldworthy did in his image.  I chose to create a cairn rather than a circular pattern with my rocks so my images are inspired by his work but certainly my own.  It was fun.



Teresa O said...

I am amazed at how simple things such as rocks, pebbles, or stones can become works of art. Each photo has its own POV. Beautifully photographed.

Marilyn said...

These are marvelous - every image is so full of peace.

Barbara said...

Teresa and Marilyn thank you for your kind words. Your words "works of art" and "full of peace" make my heart sing!


Laerte Pupo said...

I've tried shooting stones, but my pictures are not good as I wanted.
You got great pictures with great visual impact.


Sharon said...

How creative, and the colors are rich. You have captured "peace" in these photos!

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