Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 19


Outside my window...I see the beginnings of a clear day.  The forecast is for partly sunny/cloudy but no rain.  The colors are still muted on my back hill.  The greens have not 'greened' up yet but I have faith that they will soon.  

I am thinking...that I can't wait to get some potting soil and some lovely plants and start getting dirty.  I have beautiful wrought iron planters with coconut husk liners on my back deck and they are crying out for color.  It is a good thing that I have waited however as the temperatures around here have been decidedly winter like. 

I am thankful for...our electrician who has worked so hard to wire up 40 M!  We had our rough electrical inspection and we passed!  Yay!  If I were ten years younger I'd be doing cartwheels on the grass outside.  We'll have to just settle for a rousing Yahooo! 

From the kitchen...real meals this week!  Can you believe it?  Monday we enjoyed chicken a la king (sans peas) over homemade petite biscuits.  Tuesday we enjoyed tortellini with italian dressing and veggies.  Yesterday I prepared meatloaf, mashed potato and steamed asparagus. Tonight we'll have pizza from our new favorite pizza place and tomorrow I have plans to cook pulled pork loin in the slow cooker.  It feels good to have a plan and stick with my plan.   

I am wearing...almost the exact same outfit as last week!  Instead of my black pants I have on gray cords with a black top and my plum colored spring vest. 

What I'm creating:  art, art and more art in conjunction with continued plans for the school art show.  This week we had the children white wash mat board with tempera paint and then they all studied a vase of lilacs and drew the vase and flowers.  I was impressed by their work.  Personally I have picked up more double sided tape at a great price!  (Yay) and will be creating cards for end of the year gifts for n's teachers and hopefully I'll open my Etsy shop again and attempt to sell my cards.  

I am do some work at 40 M tomorrow.  I'll be staining the windows in the kitchen as well as the sliding glass door in the living room.  I'll probably do some cleaning over there as well.  

I am reading...blogs as always and I have been spending time wetting my artistic appetite with a couple of mixed media books.  Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw and  Paint Box Mixed Media Paint Box edited by Tonia Davenport.  Both of these resources are so inspirational.   

I am hoping that  Spring will return to New England sooner than later. 

I am hearing...Sponge Bob! Ugh..... snippets of this show are funny but for the most part I find it utterly annoying.  I don't get what people see in Sponge Bob.

Around the house...things are pretty much on hold until the end of the school year and the eventual completion of the 40 M project.  That is the reality of the situation.  Even though I  have plans!  Plans for spring cleaning, outside projects, painting projects, art projects.... I have to put them on hold and focus on just keeping things status quo until there is more time.

One of my favorite  finding new inspirational blogs!  I enjoy a wide variety of blog styles from art to education.  My most recent find is in education.  Check out the newest blog listed in my education blog page.  You won't be disappointed.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   working and staining at 40 M, 

Here is a  picture I am sharing..

Wishing for Spring!


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