Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Texture Tuesday

So I worked on this quite a bit.  I used several of Kim's textures including gray day multiply 71%, she loves you divide 60% and pumpkin soft light 68%.  I loved how it looked over on PS but when I saved it and viewed it in Aperture it appeared much darker so I tweaked the exposure and levels a bit.  It seems that my altered photos do look different in PS vs Aperture.  I wonder why.  

I also wanted to ask my texture friends if they have had any luck printing any of their altered photos.  I have had varying degrees of success.  I'd love to hear about other's experiences. 

Thanks to Kim once again for sharing new free textures and hosting Texture Tuesday.  I love how this project helps me to focus on my photography in a different way.  




Leah C said...

So very pretty:)

Linda Makiej said...

Lovely texture work!!

Alicia said...

And I am loving looking at your art!
And -- miracle of miracles -- your blog is suddenly showing up in my google reader newsfeed! I don't know if you changed any settings recently, but it's working!

Barbara said...

Thanks Leah and Linda! I've enjoyed looking at your images today too!

Barbara said...

Alicia so happy that you are visiting. I have been enjoying working with Photoshop and various textures and learning as I go. I was working on creating a 'button' for the blog when I came across information on the rss feed. I tweaked it and now it seems to be working. I know just enough about html to be dangerous I'm afraid! :)


Kia said...

Really lovely! Well done!
Saw it in Texture Tuesday.

helena said...

I have found that I am happier when I print matte instead of glossy because mostly the textures add softness which seems at odds witht a glossy finish.

lovely image

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