Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Texture Tuesday!


This week our challenge was to use Kim's textures on a photo of a tea cup.  Well before this challenge I had not given much thought to the various tea cups I own.  I now realize that I have a lovely collection!
I have more to say about the pieces I will be sharing in this post but for now I'll just add my first two photos.  In the first photo I applied Kim's luminous and warm sun textures.  In the second photo I used luminous, sweet tart and cinnamon.  I'll add more photos and stories about these lovelies tonight so please check back!



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi Kim, I see you have some lovely vintage tea cups too. I will have to take some of mine out and try some textures.
Like what you have done here.


Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful composition and texture work here!
Lovely blog - so glad I could find/follow you!!

Barbara said...

Rose, Thanks for visiting today! I am flattered that you thought you might be looking at Kim's photos. I love Kim's work. My name is Barbara and I have just begun exploring textures. I'll be checking out your blog next!


Barbara said...

Linda, thanks for your kind comment. Welcome to Surfside Serenity!


charlottes web said...

Hi Kim,
Beautiful shots of your vintage ware! Thank you for sharing. Isn't this fun!

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