Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texture Tuesday

This week Kim challenged everyone to stick to a gardening theme.  How exciting!  We actually had sun over the weekend and I was able to get out and take some fabulous photos of some of the plants that are now flowering in my yard.  Bordering the property line we have several flowering weigela bushes.  They are stunning.  I enjoyed photographing them and then processing them with Kim's textures.

For this first image I cropped my photo down to a square shape and tweaked the levels adding in more black for contrast.  Next I added a layer of she loves you on multiply 50%.  I used a mask and removed a bit of the texture from the central buds to help the color pop.  I also added a layer of wet tile on lighter color 30%.  I repeated the process of masking and removing the texture.   Finally I added text identifying the flower.  I picked a color from the flowers and chose soft light at about 60%.  After placing the text I embedded it under the two texture layers.  I used this same recipe for my second image.  I love how both of the photos turned out. 

Here are the original images that I used for this weeks texture Tuesday.

For more Texture Tuesday fun click on the badge in my sidebar or click here.  You won't be disappointed!



Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful texture work!!

Stampmouse said...

texture add so much to the image nice

Nikki said...

They are both beautiful images enhanced by texture.

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