Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Lovely Day!

Saturdays are perhaps my favorite day of the week. They are laid back and relatively unstructured.   I used to sleep in until 9:30 or 10:00 but those days are long gone.  Now I typically awake by 8 or 8:30 at the latest.  Even so that is almost 3 hours later than my regular wake up during the week.  Each Saturday I enjoy several leisurely cups of coffee and often watch HGTV.   It is blissful.  Today followed this pattern.  By 9:30 I attended to my household chores and not long after I was dressed and ready to head over to 40 M.  I've been working on staining the window casings in the kitchen as well as the wood of the large slider in the living room. We chose a cherry color stain and both R and I love the look.  I'll post photos over at Restoring the House that Built Me tomorrow.  I added an additional coat of stain on all the surfaces that had been started yesterday.  The wood looks very rich.  It reminds me of the teak that is used on ships.  I also spent some time out in the yard at 40 M before I got the call from 'n' requesting my return home.

For the remainder of the afternoon n and I went window shopping at the mall, but not before enjoying stuffed french toast cupcakes at Cupcake Charlie's!  We started at Borders and then walked the mall checking out a variety of stores including Charlotte Russe, Aeropostle,  Hollister, Express and Debbie's Pet Land.  By the end n had two t's from Hollister and a zip up hoodie from Aeropostale and we were both very tired!  On the way home we called in an order for diner and stopped by Nanny and Papa's headstone.

Now it's time to just relax.  I'll be pouring a glass of wine and cheering on the Bruins!

Simply a lovely day.  I hope your day was lovely too.



Judy said...

Enjoy those shopping days with n - I remember those with my daughter fondly! But, yes, I was always done in by the time the day was done. What mall do you go to? Braintree used to be the 'big one' when I was growing up.....but that was so very long ago! LOL


Barbara said...

Thanks Judy! Funny you should mention the Braintree South Shore Plaza. I was there this past week with one of my cousins. It is a huge mall! n and I go to the mall in Kingston. It's called the Independence Mall. Nice and close and just enough to keep us entertained.

Now you can look forward to taking your little guy to the mall! I'm guessing you'll be going to the toy store rather than clothing stores but it will be so much fun!


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