Saturday, May 21, 2011


We were all up early today, for whatever reason!  It was a slow and relaxed morning.  I love starting my day slowly.  Every other day of the week it is a rush to get up and out of the house.  I am so looking forward to a break in that schedule.  Soon.... I only have three more teaching days and on assist day left.  After that there will be a week of organizing, meetings and preparing for the art show and golf tournament fundraiser.  By the second full week in June I will be on summer vacation.  Yay!

So back to today...our day continued in the same relaxed way as it began.  Banking & lunch was followed by time over at 40 M where R is working tirelessly on the front deck.  He had to hire yet another carpenter to come in and work with us on this smaller job.  The young guy is... well.... young.  They made progress and the rest of the work will be done on Monday and then an inspection will be scheduled.

As for the children; N had a fun day with his buddy up the street and n enjoyed having her best friend come and spend some of the afternoon.  I enjoyed working on my Kim Klassen skinny mini e-class.  Computer work for the art show was also completed.  It was a productive day.  I even spent some time taking photos outside.  Yay!

Well now it's time to relax.  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.


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