Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not The Best Day Ever

Well today was long. School was very difficult and frustrating. I was not at my best and did not handle all the situations that came up with as much grace and compassion as they called for and upon reflection I would do it all differently. Sigh. I am human.

On my way home I ordered pizza. My plan was finely synchronized. I called at a precise time that would enable me to stop at CVS and pick up more Boost for Dad and then pick up the pizza. Next I would go home, drop off the pizza, pick up the picture frame and head over to Dads. Well as the saying goes.... the best laid plans.... As I drove into the CVS parking lot someone backed into my passenger side. As I passed the car I saw it start to pull out from the corner of my eye I hit the horn but it was too late. I heard crunch, swore out loud and put my head in my hands! I got out of my car and the man who hit me was looking at his bumper. He was apologetic and immediately started saying please don't go through the insurance company. There was a witness, I should have called the police but the damage didn't look too bad. I called R to find out what info I should get from this man. I got the information and said we would be calling him. It was a little strange. The car was his brothers and had a virginia tag. His name was different than his wife's name. His address on his license was different from his home address. He claimed he owns some convenience stores. I don't know. After he left I asked the man who witnessed the entire thing and heard our entire conversation if he thought I had been scammed. He said he didn't think so, he seemed to know the guy who hit me and thought he was legit. He gave me his business card in case I needed to contact him for any reason. He was nice.

So after that incident I decided not to visit Dad. I called my sil and told her what happened and that I would be heading home and not to expect me tonight. She was fine. Well I got home had a slice of pizza and the phone rang. Dad was on the phone and asked if I'd stop by because he wasn't feeling well. When I asked him what he was feeling he said he thought he was going crazy. So after all that I ended up going over anyway. I brought him his boost and the photo frame. I called my sil so she didn't think I was going crazy and told her I'd be over after all. She said she'd meet me up there. I think she likes to do the meds. Whatever. Dad did seem a little out of it when I saw him, but not too bad. He got his medicines and I set up the photo frame. Everyone liked the pictures. It was a bit hectic in the house, brother, sil, niece, nephew and me. Too many people so late at night. After about 45 minutes Dad seemed better . Everyone left and I was about to leave too but Dad looked up at me and I could tell he didn't want me to go so I sat with him for a bit longer. Dad looked right at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said "Has anyone ever told you that you are a beautiful young lady?" I was speechless and teared up. I think I said "Well I think you have probably said that before. " Dad said "Well if I haven't then I am now." I started to cry and Dad said "I didn't tell you to make you cry." I pulled it together, told him I love him and rubbed his back. Then he wanted me to scratch his back. I did and he loved it. We talked about how when I was young and my godmother would come down to our house how she would scratch my back with her beautiful long nails. I loved that. We sat for another minute and Dad asked... Am I home? I told him yes and said look around do you recognize where you are? He knew the fireplace. I reassured him that he is home and does not have to go anywhere. He is home.

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