Friday, December 18, 2009

Difficult Day

Well today was hard. I spent most of the day working on Dad stuff. I had to call a variety of people. Cable, electric, health insurance, life insurance, attorney, telephone.... By the time I was on hold for the phone company I was at my wits end. I ended up crying into the ear of the phone representative. She then told me I was her second customer who had to cancel service due to a death. I just couldn't stop crying and then the women on the other end of the phone started crying saying she had to do the same thing five years ago for her parent. We were both able to stop crying and get on with business. At the end of that conversation I decided to move onto something more uplifting. Christmas decorating.

Last night the children and I completed decorating the Christmas tree. It looks lovely. We have so many ornaments! They all hold special memories, some going back decades. This year the process was bittersweet. Today I cleaned up the living room to some degree. I will finish this job tomorrow. I also cleaned the top of the tv armour and put out the white ceramic nativity as well as the white ceramic Christmas tree. It looks different than it has in the past, but I think different is good. Over the past few days I also told my SIL from Maine and my brother that I am not 'hosting' Christmas Eve. I just can't. I don't have it in my to be the hostess with the mostest this year. I just want a quiet day and evening with my family and my godmother. Everyone understood and I am relieved.

I am going to focus on my Winter Light project for the next few posts. I have to catch up. I have some great photos saved on my computer and a few prints that I think would work. I'm also going to watch the light and be mindful throughout the days and I hope to capture some beautiful photos. I think this would be a fun project even if I didn't blog.


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