Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Ones

"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it destination full of hope. "

Well I have written my eulogy. It came to me in bits and pieces. I am pleased with my results. I know Dad would be proud. My brother and I just returned from the church. We have planned a beautiful service; readings, gospel, music. It will be a wonderful send off for a very special man.

I am going to say a prayer tomorrow to the holy spirit to give me the strength to read what I have written...to honor my father. Dear ones I ask you for your prayers too. I also ask for your help. If you are able to print this and bring it with you to the church and see that I am faltering would you read with me? You don't need to come forward just from your spot in church.... I am strong and I believe I can do this but knowing that you will be there if I should fall will be such a huge comfort..... If it is too hard I understand....

Robert Joseph Dillon, Bob, Bobby, Roberto, Uncle Bobby, Dad, Papa

Son, Brother, Uncle, Devoted Husband and Father, loving and cherished Grandfather, friend.

He meant so much to so many.

Kind, warm, strong, selfless, humble, proud, good, solid, funny, faithful, accepting, a reader, a doer, a listener, a confidant, a helper, a people person, a trainman, a knight in shining armor, a storyteller.

He told many stories perhaps his favorite was of the night he walked into Bert’s restaurant on Plymouth Beach with his friend. He looked across the room and saw a beautiful young woman. He pointed to her and said to his buddy… see that girl over there? I’m going to marry her and he did.

Dad fell madly in love with Mum and her family and he was welcomed into the Mellett clan with open arms. It was a good fit. They made a beautiful life for themselves. Together they literally raised a house, created a home and family and built a life here in Plymouth. My childhood home was a destination and safe harbor for many family members. It was a place where Mum organized and directed and Dad made things happen. They weathered stormy times but they stayed the course and got through the rough waters. They had a good life together with much laughter, love and friendship.

When it was time and Dad was ready Mum was waiting with her arms open wide and just like in life when Mum called to Dad he went to her.

Now we must take solace in the fact that Dad believed in God and everlasting life. He is once again with the love of his life and all who love him who have gone before. Even though he is not with us here he will always be alive in our hearts.

So “lets not say good-bye, because good bye sounds too final, as if we were closing the door on all we’ve shared, as if we were closing the door on each other. So let’s not say good bye. Let’s leave a window open in our hearts and in our lives for the someday when the time may be right to say hello again.”

Dad, dream of the angels, good night, God bless and I love you with all my heart and soul.

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