Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Light of Winter-Light of Change

December 29, 2009

Light of Change

This is an interesting prompt for me as I am not a big fan of change. (R would say that is the understatement of the century) I never have been. I like the comfort of the familiar. I enjoy routine. I am willing to try things that are different but I prefer old favorites. I'm sure this part of my temperament serves to complicate my life at times. When I face change I do so with trepidation and anxiety. I have been wondering why I have felt nauseated, tired, slow and twitchy since Dad's death. I've been assuming that it is due to the grief of losing a parent, but now that I am creating this post I'm sure that it also has to do with my innate dislike of change. I am no longer under the safe wing of my father. I am an orphan to this world and perhaps that is one of the biggest changes a person can survive. Wow an orphan! No wonder I feel as I do.

Now I ponder the best image that will represent the light of change in my life. I will be back to post an image once it reveals itself.


Well I decided one photo would not be enough to tell the story of the light of change One place where change is a constant is at the shore. Funny that a place that is in constant flux can be of such a comfort to me.

music: Never Been Gone by Carly Simon

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kyra said...

i am so so sorry, barbara. i didn't know your dad had passed. i have a couple of other friends who's parents have both passed and they said similar things about the mooringless feeling of being orphaned.

sending heart-felt condolences. xxx

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