Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chilhood Lament

Today the world changes

so quickly

that in growing up

we take leave

not just of our youth

but of the world

we were young in...

Fear and resentment

of what is new

is really a lament

for the memories of our childhood.

Sir Peter Medewar

Until last Saturday I could still return home to my childhood. I could pretend just for a moment that I was the one who would be cared for, who would be listened to and supported. In sharing my trials and tribulations or triumphs and accomplishments with Dad I was once again a little girl who was confiding in her teacher, mentor, advocate and friend. I was in my safe harbor. In my mind I knew that I could never be that little girl again, that I was now the supporter, protector and care giver, but what I wouldn't do to have another moment when I could pretend......

Today, I do not deny my feelings of loss. I allow myself to move through them to new growth.

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