Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I had intended to post last night but by 8pm I was feeling the effects of a very poor nights sleep and my early rising (4:30am). Suffice it to say I went to bed when the children went to bed and happily I fell right to sleep. I am feeling tired this morning but I guess that is part of this experience that I will need to accept. I have taken to bringing to phone to bed with me so that is probably effecting the quality of my sleep to some degree. Anyway enough about me!

I did visit with Dad after work last night. He seemed pretty good. I read the care book that we created to keep track of things. My brother had been up that day and met the nursing aide who will be coming once a week. He also gave Dad 1/2 an anti anxiety pill as was suggested by the nurse yesterday. I think that the medicine is helping a bit. He didn't want the oxygen but he was willing to try it when I was with him. We weren't sure if the machine was actually working. Dad didn't feel any of the air going into his nose. I'm not sure that we should feel the air flow but we ended up doing an experiment to see if the machine was working. Dad suggested putting the tube in a cup of water. If we saw bubbles then we would know that the machine was doing it's job. Sure enough we saw bubbles. Even so Dad decided he didn't want to bother with the oxygen. I think he wanted a smoke instead. I think he might be feeling at loose ends now that all his appointments are over. For a time we were going to two appointments per week. So we scheduled our own appointment for a drive around town on Friday. He said 'We'll go out and see what kind of trouble we can get into." So even if we don't go out at least it is something on the calendar to look forward to. Today I'll be bringing over the digital picture frame we purchased for Dad. It has over 150 photos loaded onto it that span 6 decades. I had all the pictures in chronological order but for some reason the memory on the frame keeps mixing up the photos. I'll just have to let the order go for now. I might pick up a memory card and load the photos on that instead. I think he is going to love the frame! I can't wait to hear what he thinks. It also plays music so I'll be working on that over the next few days too. I have several Frank Sinatra CD's as well as other jazz compilations to go through and prepare for download onto the frame. Very cool.

Well I'm cutting it short this morning. I have to get ready to bring n to school and go to work.


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