Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Light of Winter-Light of Compassion

December 22


When I read today's prompt for the light series I immediately thought of 'n' and her relationship with Dad.
Years ago when 'n' was born my Mum didn't allow Dad to even hold her for one minute. You see even then Dad suffered with depression, hygiene issues and alcoholism. After Mum died when 'n' was just 5 months Dad and 'n began their relationship in earnest. From that time on they had a very special connection. As 'n' grew into a young child she loved Dad unconditionally. There were times we would visit Dad and I would wonder if it was the right thing.... so many factors played into those thoughts. 'n' never questioned our visits. She was always ready to give her Papa a hug and a kiss, share a story or play with his best buddy Fluffy. In her reality it was love that she gave unconditionally. She didn't see alcoholism, dementia, cigarette smoke or dirt. She saw the "best grandfather anyone could ever have." In my reality it was the pure light of compassion.


T. said...

You are an extraordinary photographer, B--the light of compassion emanates from your eye through the lens. Not only are your individual images beautiful, but these mosaics--n and her grandfather; n exulting in the sprinkler, and with Fluffy--are so clearly assembled with love, and so moving. I look forward to seeing more.

Barbara said...

T thank you for your kind words and taking the time to visit and comment. I love photography as well as the subjects I shoot. I am happy to hear that my passion and compassion is captured in my work.


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