Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Free and Easy

Well it was a pleasure to spend a few minutes this morning focussed on a photo for my Texture Tuesday post.  In the wake of Sandy, I decided to use some texture on one of the images I took at the beach yesterday. The power of the wind and surf was astounding.  I will go down to the beach again today to see the extent of the damage caused by Sandy the 'frankenstorm'.  I must say that here in MA we were very fortunate.  The damage we sustained is nothing in comparison to what is being reported out of New York this morning.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are effected by this storm.

Below you can see my recipe for the above image. I like the misty effect the textures have given my photo.  




Nancy Claeys said...

I'm so glad you used this image for your TT submission Barbara -- my thoughts have been focused on my blog friends who live on the Eastern coastal areas. Lovely image. xo

Viv (modifica) said...

Really great shot so pleased you are safe and sound have been watching the BBC news here in the UK and hoping all my blog friends are safe and sound

Currie Silver said...

this photo surely tells the story... my son lives on Nantucket and I am in South Florida so I have already met Sandy... it really does seem way over the top. I watched online [don't have tv or radio] and saw many photos a friend in NJ [near Atlantic City] shared. It seems to BE brutalising even on BEyond the coastline.
stay safe, dry, and warm, and may your pictures always tell such great tales!!

Beverly said...

Your processing has really given this image a beautiful, and misty look. I love this!! Happy you are safe, but sad for those with so much loss.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your kind words ladies. So happy that the storm has passed. Thinking of all the people who lost so much with this storm.


Marilyn said...

The texture is great with this. We've been following all the updates on Sandy on TV. Seems like New York got quite a bit of damage!

Melinda said...

Beautiful and powerful image!

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