Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Week

Well another week begins!  Can you believe that it is already October 1st.  It amazes me how fast time flies!  Both the calendar and the temperature outside confirms that autumn is here to stay.  Yesterday I had an interesting 'fall' experience.  I was talking with my friend S on the phone, preparing to substitute teach in her art classroom today.  At one point I stood up and  walked to the side door.  I was startled.... to the point of letting out a rather loud scream.  (poor S!)  Outside on my shell walk were three large turkeys resting.  At first glance it looked like someone placed three logs onto the walk and then one moved.... causing me to startle.  I was shocked.  They heard me and actually got up.  R stepped outside and yelled at them to leave.  I walked to the front door and much to my surprise there were several turkeys sitting on the front deck.  They proceeded to slide down the railings leaving scratch marks along the way.  It was a flock of 18 to 20 turkeys!  What a sight.


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