Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Facts Friday

I am linking up with Kim & Xanthe.....

I hope you'll hop over and check out fellow bloggers who are sharing their facts today.



Almond Tea said...

I was worried about Joe. He's so unpredictable, but he did great last night. I'm tired of Democrats not having enough fire in their belly. He did awesome.

Obama 2012!

I found you through the link up!

Almond Tea said...

+1 for Joe. He did great.

I found you through the Link up!

Patrice said...

I hate politics - glad somebody enjoys it!

Kim Klassen said...

lovely presentation..... thanks for joining 5 facts.


Maureen said...

I spent 20 years in politics and am tired of it. Sadly, I find the system draining now but you can be sure I still vote. True blue.

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