Monday, October 29, 2012


Growing up in a coastal community storms like Sandy have always evoked for me a sense of both trepidation and excitement.  As a child I remember well preparations we would take before the many varied storms that came up the coast.  Jugs of water, tubs filled for the flushing of toilets and food in the fridge.  When Dad was home ropes and boots would be at the ready.  We always had the fireplace working and candles available for the inevitable loss of power.  My childhood home was directly on the ocean.  We could count on conditions that were significantly worse than any forecaster would be predicting for our local area.  As a student I always held out hope that we would have a day off from school.  On the evening before a predicted storm you could feel the energy rising in my home.  We would do the snow dance or storm dance in hopes of no school.  Even many years later as a Mum and teacher I still hope for those unpredictable bonus days off from school.  Upon the governor's request all schools in MA  have been closed so we have been enjoying our bonus day.  

So far today the weather has felt relatively mild.  It is deceiving.   After a morning of baking and fire place preparation n and I decided to take a walk to the beach.  The wind became stronger the closer we got to the beach.  Interestingly all the pine trees have lost their brown needles.  The road was covered with them.  I have never noticed trees drop their needles so quickly.  As we approached the boat ramp that leads to our neighborhood ramp we noticed that many people had turned out to see the power of mother nature.  The wind was staggering.  Both of our eyes were tearing and honestly my breath was taken away by the strength of the wind.  I have not seen the ocean this angry in the 20 years that I have lived here in my home.  It reminded me of how the ocean looked during the blizzard of 78.  I managed to take some shots to share. 

The boat ramp that gives us access to our beach has been damaged over the last several years.  It is clear that the last section of the ramp will most likely be washed out to see or at the very least displaced from the bottom of the hill.  The power of the ocean is simply amazing. 

Hope you are all safe and sound. 



Liz Thomas said...

Little crazy here with the tree coming down on the house but fortunately no structural damage. Hope you are all safe up there!

Barbara said...

Happy to hear that you have no structural damage. That is scary! All is good so far here. Hopefully things will quiet down as the night goes on.

Stay safe!

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