Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Weekend

Ahhhh don't you just love weekends?  It's been lovely here for the past few days.  We've been enjoying real summer weather.  Even last week it felt like true summer.  I was even lucky enough to head over to my friend C's house for a dunk in her pool!  So refreshing.

We were able to accomplish a lot of work over at 40 M yesterday.  All the trim work was stained by moi!  n came over and kept me company and helped me move things around.  She did quite a bit of staining last weekend so she just wanted to hang out and not work and that was fine with me.  As we were working our neighbor walked by and commented on how warm the ocean water felt.  That gave both of us the itch to get to the beach and go swimming.  By the time we got home last night the tide was out so we deferred our swim until today.

 We were down at the beach mid day along with many other people who I think must have been renting one of the houses as I did not recognize them.  I much prefer to go to the beach when it is quite and only the regulars are lounging about.  Be that as it may n and I ventured into the water.  It was cold at first, but not the ankle biting cold that the ocean is known for around here!  Once we were in it was wonderful.  We both laughed and swam and floated to our hearts content.  We knew that we didn't have too much time on the beach as R had to run out to the store for supplies and we didn't want to leave N alone with Flicka.  After about 45 minutes of swimming we spent a few minutes on the beach before n went in for a last dip.  Hopefully we'll go back down tomorrow and have the beach to ourselves.  Weekdays are usually much more quiet.

Today is also a big day over at 40 M.  All the finish trim around the windows is hopefully being finished today.  We'll be calling for flooring tomorrow.  I can't wait to be finished.


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