Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 31

Outside my window...I am pleased to see blue skies and sunshine.

I am thinking...that my puppy is crazy and loud!  She is doing laps around the tv room.  Her stuffed toys do not stand a chance!

I am thankful for...a visit from an old friend this week.  R came by with his son and his dog.  It was like blast from the past.

From the kitchen...all is quiet.  I'm not much of a summer cook.  

I am pink flowery pjs.... so comfortable and cool...just like last week.  

What I'm creating:  still working on the necessities over at 40 M baseboard staining will be the order of today.  I did order three 10x13 prints from my sunflower photo collection.  They will be framed and hung in the master bedroom.  I love them!

I am  get busy early today.  It is going to be a very warm day so I want to get my staining done early. 

I am reading...a new series... well I have not quite started... The Hunger Games.  N has already read the first book and is about to begin the second.

I am hearing...the fan and finally a quiet puppy!  (she's eating now)

Around the house...things are looking good!  I have been spending a bit of time organizing the 'nice' living room and in order to be ready for fios I cleaned off the top of the tv armoire downstairs and the inside of the tv armoire upstairs.  I hope this new organization lasts longer than one weekend. 

One of my favorite the quiet of the early morning.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:   not much other than staining baseboard and perhaps going to see Harry Potter.  

Here are pictures I am sharing..Flicka's new friend!  His ears are bigger than her head. They were very cute together. 


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