Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interesting Reaction

So the other day we received a mailing from the church that I attended as a child and a young adult.  Raised Catholic I was active in the church from a young age, starting with 'Sunday School' and choir, moving on and working in the rectory counting the collections and helping with office work and finally working as a Sunday School teacher.  I was married in this church. My children were baptized in this church and both my parents and my mother in law were buried from this church.  For many years I have been a non practicing Catholic.  I have talked a little bit about this from time to time here on my blog and I won't go into all those details tonight.  I remain on the mailing list and often get letters of appeal looking for money for the church.  I figured that the most recent mailing was more of the same.  Usually I just tear the mailing in half and throw them away.  For some reason I opened this envelope.  It was an invitation to an informational reception.  I had to look at the image on the invitation over and over again before I finally realized that the parish is planning on building a new church!  I had the most unexpected reaction to this realization.  I literally felt sick to my stomach.  Even now the thought of this huge change makes me so sad.  The plans call for keeping the current church building and using it as a parish center.  My rational side tried to tell my heart that I had no right to have feelings about this news but my heart did not listen because so much of me is tied to that building.  Interesting reaction, don't you think?


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