Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 29

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 29


Outside my window...I see the dark night sky. 

I am thinking...about how lucky I am to have a best friend who knows all about me; the good, the bad and the ugly and she still wants to be my friend.  I am so blessed. 

I am thankful for...having a puppy who is forcing me to get up off the sofa and go out and walk!  I am seeing results from walking (and all the painting I have been doing).  I actually fit into my size 12 jeans!  They are not comfortable yet... but they will be by the end of the summer. 

From the kitchen...well this week has been a bit of a scramble week!  I tried a new recipe on Monday that included sushi from The Market  and lettuce cups filled with shrimp, noodles and mixed marinated veggies.  I thought it was delish but no one else cared for it too much.  They deconstructed it and ate the separate pieces.  We've also had hamburgers and hotdogs and steak tips and rice.  Tomorrow will be either chicken salad or BLT's.  We'll see. 

I am grey cropped pants and comfy white top.  The air is comfortable just like my outfit.  

What I'm creating:  I'm still working on my vision for our 'rental property'. I have two or three art projects planned as well as some plans for rustic coffee tables and end tables. Can't wait to get started on these projects as  we are hoping to finish by August 1st and get 4 to 8 weeks of rental income.  Fingers crossed.

I am  hopefully finish all my painting over at 40 M tomorrow.

I am reading...just my blogs and my continuing ed/professional development web site still.

I am hoping that my children will just be quiet and that our new walking routine will help calm little Flicka.  Those two things would help to create a more peaceful household.  We'll see. 

I am hearing...the drone of the TV.... summer fun with Big Brother.   

Around the house...there is evidence that I have been spending more time painting at 40 M than tending to the work that should be done here.  

One of my favorite feeling the cool evening air after a beautiful perfect summer day.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:   planting, painting, playing..... and repeate

Here are pictures I am sharing..

If you were to stay at 40 M  in America's Hometown you could enjoy the above views as well as the secluded beach just steps away!



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