Saturday, July 9, 2011


So much to share!  Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely visit with my cousin B and her daughter and grands.  It was so good to see her in the flesh rather than just a photo on Facebook.  Her grands are so sweet and enjoyed visiting with n and Flicka.  Baby G was simply adorable and had so many smiles for anyone who was interested.  We ate Jordan Marsh Blueberry cake, a recipe from my Mum's recipe box, drank coffee and chatted as the thunderstorms banged and flashed around us.  After spending some time together I took them over to see 40 M.  B has many memories of time spent with my Mum in that house as well as the memories and stories that were shared by her Mum.  There was much laughter and happiness in that little house back in the day.  B was astonished by all the work that has been done over at the house.  She was especially happy that even with the changes the house still had the same feeling that she remembered.  I was very happy to hear this observation.  All in all it was a very nice visit.  

Today was spent working at 40 M.  I've been doing a LOT of painting!  Today was spent cutting in the bathrooms again after changing my color choice from a sea-glass green (read mint ugh) to oat straw (read cafe au lait).  I am thrilled with the new color.  I think I'll accessorize with sea glass colors.  I painted a second coat of paint in one of the downstairs bedrooms and a first coat of paint in the other bedroom.  I was also able to apply a first coat of paint in the upstairs bathroom.  I rounded out my work day by staining several pieces of moulding and flat stock.  I'm happy with all that I accomplished today and I 'm looking forward to finishing the painting so that I can get some photos taken and uploaded.  

Tonight R is playing out for the first time in ages.  I'm happy to be able to spend the night just me and the kids!  We're going to watch movies.  We started the evening with this summer's first soft serve ice cream run!  Flicka came with us for the ride and loved her little taste of vanilla ice cream.  Too cute. 


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