Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Views and News

So this weekend was busy.  I was up early to get the children to school and then had to be over at 40 M to meet the town water department so that the water could be turned off.  The workers were very pleasant and commented on how great the house is looking.  The last time they were there everything was pulled apart and now it is looking more like a home again.  I spent a good couple of hours sweeping up the mess that was left by the roofers.  Little specs of roofing material showered down all over the first floor.  It was a huge mess.  I also cleaned out the fireplace.  It had turned into a bit of a dumping zone.  Now it is all cleared off and I expect it to stay that way.



 The remainder of Friday was enjoyable.  We went out for pizza!  Yummm.  Papa Ginos was very busy.   We didn't sit at our regular table but it was all good.  After pizza we went to the dollar store.  We picked up some necessities as well as some candy for movies over the weekend.

Saturday was spent picking up and then working over at 40 M.  After I finish this post I'll be adding several photos to my other blog, showing the progress that has been made.   Gutters were put on the house and n and I spent a good amount of time finishing the clean up I started on Friday. It's starting to look like something over there!  After all our work n and I decided to take a trip to Cupcake Charlie's in order to get our fix!  We had ours there and then proceeded to bring some home for the fam.  n snapped a photo.

Next we spent some time with my bffl, C!  It was nice to catch up with her as we have not talked in a while.  Her entire family was home so it was good to see everyone.  Then we were homeward bound.  The evening consisted of the kids watching the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards and the adults working in their computers.  I've been enjoying my new photoshop program.  I could spend hours playing with all the features!  Very cool.

Today we went to the movies to see Hop.  It was better than I thought it would be an of coarse there was movie theater popcorn!  Now n is enjoying having a friend over.  She'll be here until around 6:30 and N is down the street at his buddies.  He'll return home as n's friend is being picked up.  Works out perfectly.   As you would expect R is over at 40 M working.  The heating system is being installed as we speak.  Yay!  


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