Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I've spent the last half hour looking back in my blog at what I have said in the past about Holy Week.  I find it interesting that around Easter last year I had a discussion with my children regarding church, and the fact that we do not go to church.  The same question came up just yesterday as n and I drove to her orthodontist appointment.  The same reasons that I have shared in the past still apply.  While I believe in all the basics that the Catholic church teaches about Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the stories that surround them, I do not agree with the teachings around sexuality, birth control, marriage in priesthood and the role of women in the church.  I know that as children grow they come to the same subjects with different understanding and perspectives.  This was evident in our conversation yesterday.  n had definite ideas about what church would be like and how it would be boring anyway.  I shared with her how when I was a kid I liked church; the music, the people and the community.  I told her about how at mass I used to 'inspect' the peoples shoes as they would walk by me after communion.  n was intrigued.   We then went back to the issues that have kept us away from the church.  We talked about the teachings that I disagree with and n understood.  I told her that when she is an adult she can choose what religion she would like to follow.  I even suggested that we do some research together.  She seemed interested in that idea.  We agreed to read the Easter story together this weekend.  It will be our way of respecting the holiness of this time.


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