Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm In Trouble!

Well today n has gone on her second sleepover.  She has been at her friend's house since 11am!  I must say that I feel at loose ends with her out of the house.  She has always been my 'little me'.  Just yesterday I was reminiscing about how when she was small she would stick to me like glue, often literally attached to my hip and in my arms.  Back then I remember I would feel frustrated at times thinking that she should be more independent.  As she grew older she found her confidence and independence and was able to move away from me and feel comfortable speaking with trusted adults and friends.  To this day we are very close and I hope that relationship will remain as she and I go through her teen years.  I will work my hardest to maintain the special relationship that we have developed.  I love my kids and enjoy spending my time with them.  I know n is having a blast with her best buddy but I have truly missed her today.  So back to the premise of this post.  One day my nest will be empty and right now I think that on that day I might be in trouble!

A few shots from back in the day!  Now N is taller than me by several inches and n is not far away from my height!  Where does the time go?


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