Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing Fern!

So this weekend was relatively busy.  Saturday was spent at Home Depot looking for various supplies for 40 M.  We were also searching for a drill.  Little did R know that I was hoping for my very own drill.  When we walked into the tool aisle my eyes landed on a bright green drill.  It was love at first sight if such a thing can exist between a tool and it's owner!  We debated back and forth between my 12 volt choice and R's 18 volt choice.  My choice was much lighter and had a smaller lithium battery.  It fit perfectly in my hand.  It was certainly the right choice in my mind!  We picked it up and walked around looking for our various other supplies.  We actually went back to the tool aisle again to revisit the debate.  In the end we decided on Fern.  (Yes I have named my drill!)  At home we charged her up at record speed;  40 minutes and the battery has a full, long lasting charge.  We then proceeded over to 40 M to get some work done.  You can check out some of our results here.  R took Fern for her first test drive and enjoyed her as much as I thought he would.  In the back of my mind I was not happy with the idea of sharing my new toy, oh I mean tool.

While at 40 M  on Saturday, R was kind enough to cut some 2x4's, 1x1's and plywood for a school project. Sunday came along and we were back over at 40 M.  I had plans to use Fern to start constructing my prototype for the poured painting project.  I took photos along the way!

First I had to set up my workspace.

Fern is in the green case.  So after setting up my first task was to drill pilot holes into the wood.

Next, using a 3" screw I drilled through my 2x4 and into my 1x1 and created the first piece of my wooden structure. 

Now to affix this piece to my 12"x12" plywood.  

So after completing this part of the project I used sandpaper to smooth the edges of the wood.  Then I was ready to head back home.  I left Fern behind so that R could stabilize the gutters.  Happily when R returned home later in the day I found out that he returned to Home Depot for more supplies and he picked up his own 18 volt tool!  Now Fern is all mine!


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