Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation Week

Well vacation week has been relatively peaceful. The children and I have enjoyed spending lazy mornings together in our pj's watching tv or playing Wii. It has been relaxing.

On Tuesday we went to a local theater that offers $6.25 tickets for all shows playing on Tuesdays. It is located in Sandwich off exit two over the bridge. Unfortunately they are doing work on the bridge so getting over was a bit of a headache. I foolishly took the highway thinking there wouldn't be traffic mid day on a Tuesday. Oops! I was wrong. No worries we made it to the movies in plenty of time to see our pick of the day; How to Train Your Dragon. It was one of the best animated pictures I have watched in a long time. Happily I took back roads home and was able to sneak onto the highway via the ramp near the Christmas Tree Shop.

It felt like a triumph as I looked in my rear view mirror and saw traffic backed up for miles!

Wednesday was an at home day. Again we hung out and played Mario for Wii. Later in the day we walked to the beach. N took a detour and decided to play over a friends house for the afternoon. n and I enjoyed our time at the beach although sadly the sand from last summer is gone replaced with many rocks of various sizes. Maybe if we get another good storm the sand will return. Much of our afternoon was spent working on a bride/groom childhood slide show. R is going to be filming and creating a wedding story DVD for one of my co workers who is getting married this summer. He is doing the work at an extremely discounted rate in order to use a sampling from the DVD for his demo. Part of the package that we are providing is the slide show. n and I had fun listening to a wide variety of music and we worked together to edit the product on Final Cut. The final piece was great. After that work we cleaned like crazy to prepare for our meeting with this same couple to go over details. It went well. I can see us working as a family to make additional money if R can get this side business up and running. I would love to see it turn into a full time gig. We'll see. If you know anyone in MA who is getting married and wants a videographer at a great price let me know!

Today was enjoyable. Again a leisurely morning. I chatted with my friend C for a bit and then we all got ready and dropped n at her friends house for a play date from 11 to 4. N and I sat and chatted with J for about an hour and I happily played with her newest addition to the family; a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. Holding him brought me back. Now I am sitting and relaxing. N has a buddy from the neighborhood over for the night and n and I will be watching Survivor and snacking in just a little bit. R is off with his friend at the Sox game.

Life is good.


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