Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well today we headed over to Dad's expecting to do a bunch of work by ourselves. R and I were pleasantly surprised to see the brother and SIL had already been hard at work. Much of the old furniture had been broken down and placed into the dumpster. We went through some more clothes, packed things up for good will and did a bit of cleaning. All that is going into the dumpster from inside Dad's part of the house has been moved. Now brother and SIL will have to organize all the stuff they have in the living room. Hopefully that will be completed over the next few days and next weekend I'll go in and get the heavy cleaning done. My brother has a friend who is loaning him a heavy piece of equipment to level ff the side yard. I think it will improve the value of the property as the weeds and old dead branches will be covered over. We shall see. At the very least things were companionable. You never would have known that there had been threatening conversations and demands regarding money just two days before. Nothing was even mentioned. Things are calm now. I'm sure they will flare up again before we complete this process.


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