Friday, April 16, 2010

And It Continues....

Sorry, but another rant is coming. Looking for something uplifting and well written? Check some of the links on the sidebar because this post is not going to do it for you....

The emails from my brother continue. I did not respond to the first email. The second email informed me that SIL will be running out of her prescription and his check won't cover the meds, hot water and heat. I should have left it alone and not responded but I didn't!

I basically questioned him about how he would pay any funds back, what happened to the funds he received on January 11th and told him that I would not take money from the mortgage funds. There was much more said that I won't go into here. I'm probably sharing too much info already. The final thing I did say in my response was that I didn't think it was right that he was putting this on my shoulders. Well of course I received an email response this morning. It reminds me of what I have seen on the show Addicted. When an addict is faced with the truth they get angry and lash out. That was the tone of the latest email. It insinuated that I have never helped them and that I don't care about his kids, even though I'm all about 'kids' a reference to my work with Stand for Children, I think. Sigh! Part of his email felt a bit threatening. It seems he is feeling desperate. I've decided to return to him the $200.00 he signed over to me to deposit into Dad's account in December. It was a check for back vacation time that he couldn't cash due to a freeze on his checking account. That is all I am willing to do. $1200.00 a month should be sufficient to pay utilities and food. I have my own family to provide for I shouldn't have to provide for his family too. My entire being says not to give him the 200.00 but I don't know what else to do. This is so difficult. Advise from anyone would be most helpful.

Praying for Peace!


Barbara said...

So I caved and gave him the amount he was looking for with a specific statement that this was the end of the gravy train and nothing else would be coming out of that account.

Does anyone out there want to buy a house on the water for cheep money?????

C said...

Well, I've always wanted a house on the water...

In all seriousness, I feel for you, Barb! Sorry you have to go through this right now. I'm sure you've got a zillion other things to contend with at the moment.

I hate how money always has to cause friction between people. A necessary evil? I hate talking about money or dealing with family and money. Always so awkward. :( Anyway, thinking of you. xo

Barbara said...

Money and family! Yuck! The whole situation makes me feel sick to my stomach. I hate confrontation and life has been full of it lately. Deep breaths and blogging is helping me to get through.

Thanks my friend.


C said...

I sort of know where you're coming from. We've had some experiences like that and it does make one feel sick to the stomach.

I find blogging to be therapeutic and the feedback you can get from "strangers" who are emotionally detached from the situation is often helpful. Oddly enough, sometimes "strangers" are more comforting that close relations! Funny how that works.

If you ever feel like venting or chatting outside of the blogosphere, I'm on Facebook or you can e-mail me at christine 121875 at yahoo dot ca.

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