Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday

This holy Saturday was spent shuttling children to friends houses so that R and I could work at Dad's. We have a lot of cleaning that must be done. Today we worked on the outside. Much of what was put in the dumpster belonged to my brother. Much of the work was done by R and me. Both my SIL and niece chose not to talk to me. They had spent the morning 'going through' and 'cleaning out' the attic with B. They also went through Dad's bureau and some of his clothes. I would not have done that without my brother. It makes me sad. I think they were just looking for what they could take. I wanted one special sweater and now I don't know where it has been placed. I keep reminding me it's just stuff. I don't need stuff to remember my Dad. He is in my heart and in my mind. His blood runs through my veins and his kindness lives in my soul. Even though these things are true this process is painful. I want it to be done. Thank God for the support of my children, husband and extended family.


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Alicia said...

Going through things is so hard. I'm sorry that "family" is making it harder.

That sweater may be only a "thing," but it was a treasured thing. I hope you find it.

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