Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to Routine....

Well vacation is over! However the good news is that the kids only have 36 day until Summer Vacation!

The rest of vacation was good. Nails were painted, sleepovers were had, shopping for supplies was completed and signatures were placed on the paperwork to place Dad's house on the market as of May 3rd. Lots was accomplished. Although sad; we are ready to go back to our school routine. (but only for a short time)

We discovered all the movies Netflix has to offer via streaming through the Wii. So many interesting movies. We've watched several over the last days of vacation. One of the movies that touched me was The Horse Boy. It chronicled the story of a family with an autistic son and what they do to help their child. It was an amazing movie.

Well I know I have more to say, but I'm tired and my family is a bit distracting. More to come later.


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