Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 12

Outside my window...I see night falling. I look at the clock and see that it is 7:19 and the night has not fully enveloped us and that is good.  Spring is on its way even if we are getting a small snow storm tonight!  

I am thinking...about new possibilities.

I am thankful for...the progress that is taking place this week over at 40 M.  We will have siding completed by the end of the week, heating in by the end of next week as well as the basement framed.  Once the basement is framed we'll have electrician come back and complete the rough.  I see light at the end of what has been a very long tunel. 

From the kitchen..tortellini salad tonight and hopefully clam chowder tomorrow.  We'll see what the rest of the week holds. Friday will be eat out, order in or leftovers.  For me I will continue with my Shakeology but switch to having it for breakfast. 

I am wearing...brown:  brown cords, brown vest and cream colored sweater.  Can't wait to change into my pjs!

What I'm creating:  well I finished preparing the taxes last Friday.  It took me a long time and was not very creative but having that task complete has opened up time for me to jump into some creative endeavors.  

I am going...to work on letting go of  things that are beyond my control.  This is very difficult for me as I am a born 'fixer' and when I can't help of fix something I dwell on it until it drives me crazy or at the very least puts me into a bad mood.  

I am reading...nothing at the moment.  Have to get back into a good book.  Any suggestions?

I am hoping...that n feels better and does not have to stay home sick tomorrow.  We'll see.  Right now she had an ear ache and stuffy nose.  Hmmmm

I am hearing...R playing his guitar along with John Mayer downstairs.  Nice..

Around the house...I see a lounging cat, an ill girl, a clean kitchen and a dark living room, that's what I see. 

One of my favorite things...is sitting quietly as my children study and I work on a blog post.  Working in the same room companionably on different tasks is so refreshing.  The studying is nice because it requires quiet.  Quiet seems to be something I crave lately.  Quiet in my home and in my mind. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  not much planned.  Thursday is my Friday so I'm looking forward to that and a bit of free time on Friday for myself.  I'm hoping to hit the Home Depot with n as it is time to look into colors and stain for 40M!  Can't believe we are already that far into our project. 

Here are several pictures I am sharing..

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