Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fill Ins-12 we go!

1. Why does it still feel like winter?

2. Nothing is equal to a mother's love.

3. My favorite breakfast includes french toast and bacon mmmmmmm oh and coffee of course.

4. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan was the last book I read and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I can't remember the last adult book I read.  I've been on a kick of reading the series that my son enjoys.

5. I am SO glad that we can see the end of the project at 40 M.  I can't wait to go and be in that completed space and invite all my family and friends to join me there!

6. Winning a million bucks  would make me feel better right now, it would enable us to finish the work at 40 M without so much worry over the budget.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to new episodes of our favorite Friday night shows, tomorrow my plans include going to Home Depot with 'n' to look at stain and colors for 40 M and her room as well as watching movies with freshly made popcorn and Sunday, I want to _take photos of 40 M with it's new siding and prepare for the week!



Sandra Collins said...

sounds like a great weekend

Ane said...

Great breakfast choice! :P

Winning a million bucks will really really make me feel better right now too.. :P

Thanks for checking out my FFI's, have a great weekend! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks Sandra! If only the temps would creep up higher than low 40's then it would be absolutely fabulous!


Billy Rhythm said...

My wife used to work at a B&B, and she learned a WICKED french toast recipe there. I stole it from her, and now my toast is even better! mwahaha!

Barbara said...

Billy if you feel like sharing I'm always up for a new recipe! One Christmas I made oven baked french toast and thought it was going to be the dish of the day... sadly I was the only one who loved it! LOL.

Thanks for visiting.


Alicia B. said...

I forgot coffee with my french toast! I like you #2.

Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting Alicia! No matter what is for breakfast, coffee always plays a starring role!


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