Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 11

Outside my window...I see the dawn of a new day.   With the dawn of each new day comes the promise of all that is to come.  In that promise is hope.  With hope and determination we can do anything!

I am thinking...about the week that lies ahead.  At work we are in the midst of planning for next years enrollment and classes as well as staying present with the children in our current classes.  Our numbers look less promising than this year.  We are all worried.  

I am thankful for...the promise of spring and the completion of the project over at 40 M.  

From the kitchen..plans for the week:  chicken with green salad, pork in the crock pot, tortellini with leftover chicken and veggies.  Friday will be eat out, order in or leftovers.  For me I will continue with my Shakeology. 

I am wearing...black:  black cords, black top, black vest and a teal scarf.

I am creating...not much unfortunately!  I have to get our taxes done before I begin my work on compiling  several sets of cards including my angel print on original watercolor, hot wax prints, and photo cards.  I have all the pieces just need to construct the cards.   This weekend I'll work on this project.  

I am going...to work on being my old positive self.  I also want to work on letting go rather than holding on and surrendering control in order to let things happen naturally.  

I am reading...nothing at the moment.  Have to get back into a good book.  Any suggestions?

I am hoping...that tomorrows meeting at works is productive and positive.

I am hearing...Sponge Bob.... funny show but one of my least favorites!  

Around the house...I see less of a mess than last week but still so much to maintain.  Some days it feels a bit overwhelming!  

One of my favorite things...is digging in the soil in the warmth of spring.  I can't wait to fill all of my pots and planters with lovely flowers.  I also hope to plant some tomatoes and basil.  Perhaps some beans too. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  visit with K this Friday,  pottery, coffee and Cupcake Charlie's with A on Saturday and picking out a front door and a few more windows for 40 M.

Here are several pictures I am sharing..


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