Saturday, February 19, 2011

Satisfying Saturday!

Well today was a great day!  It was very busy but a good busy.  I was up at the crack of dawn thanks to R's alarm clock, but it wall all for the best.  I had to prepare to go to 40 Mayflower to collect questions for the kitchen designer.  I also needed to complete the preparations for n's belated valentine's get together.  I made pizza dough, finished cleaning the house and helped hang pink and white streamers from the ceiling downstairs.  It was very festive.

I spent time over the last two days  thinking about how to gather supplies to create more cards in order to sell them.  A friend at work is interested in a set of sunflower cards.  I am also going to look into joining the local art guild in order to show and hopefully sell some of my work through their gallery.  I think it is time to take myself more seriously as an artist and work towards making some extra money doing what I love.  So many people out there are able to sell their work why shouldn't I believe that I can do the same.  As I did  a little research I found the best website.  It is called and it has just what I have been looking to purchase for a very long time!  Very exciting.  Almost like the universe is pushing me towards this goal.    We'll see what happens.

I also spent time visiting 40 M today.  Much progress has been made.  Jump over to Restoring the House That Built Me and you can check out the latest update.  I am excited for all that is to come as we move forward with this project.

I have also decided to get serious about my health.  I've signed up for a product called Shakeology.  It is a vitamin rich meal replacement health shake that has been shown in studies to aid in weight loss,  reduce cholesterol numbers and aid in good health.  I have  a plan in my head that includes this product incorporated into my philosophy of eat less move more.  I'd like to see tangible results by the summer.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Saturday!


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