Sunday, October 3, 2010

What A Day

Well yesterday was quite the day!  I woke very early.   First at 4:30 and my mind immediately started racing.  I had thoughts of all the things that need to be completed over at Dad's house.  I contemplated getting up and perhaps going out to photograph the sunrise.  I almost got up but then decided that rising that early would make for a very long, tired day.  I rolled over and had to count backwards from 100 at least three times before I fell back to sleep.  Well I should have just gotten up because when I went back to sleep I had crazy dreams!  The dream that woke me up was about Mum and Dad.  It was not a good dream.  It ended with my Dad yelling at me, about what I don't know!  I'm sure it's just my subconscious mind trying to sort out everything that is going on over at the house.  It's been a lot to wrap my mind around.  The upstairs is completely taken apart and ready to have structural repairs made.  We are in the talking stages of re design.  The exterior looks like my childhood home but the inside is completely empty. It is a very strange process.  Anyway I ended up getting up at 7 am.  The start of a busy day.

n and I had plans to go out and get some things done.  First I had to go over and take some more photos of Dad's house in progress.

In this photo you can see where the old kitchen once stood, (under the window to the left) and also where the bathroom once stood(dark wall in center with window framing above) and where my Mum's bedroom began(white wall towards right side of photo).  There is quite a bit of water damage that we will be preparing over the next couple of weekends.  I think R is hoping to get most of it done today.  We shall see.  Yesterday they pulled up all the floor boards in and around the kitchen and bathroom.  That is where we will be replacing joists and installing new sub floor.  What a process.  I won't post those photos and most likely won't be going over to the house until those jobs are complete.  It just makes me too nervous to see the floor open.

So after spending an hour or so over at the house I came home and began to get ready to go out with miss n!  We went to a local beach to pick up soft beach sand for one of her homework assignments.  I had not been to this particular beach in least 9 years in fact.  It was a breathtaking sight to see the surf and sand and the long stretch of empty beach.  

We walked the beach for a short time.  I found 6 or 7 pieces of sea glass in one little spot on the beach.  I think we'll be visiting again today just to walk and comb the beach.  I may have found a new favorite spot to visit.  

After spending time at the beach we had to head out to the dollar tree store.  n is having a few friends over next Friday for pizza and a movie.  This simple get together has morphed into a 'Halloween themed Party'  We found some inexpensive decorations and I also found some supplies for school.  I've been watching both of the local dollar tree stores for wire whisks for use in the water table at school.   I struck gold yesterday!  The store had dozens of wire whisks and I picked up 6, enough for one water table.  Yay!  I guess it's the simple pleasures in life.  We also spent some time at Toys R Us and Gamestop to spend n and N's allowance money.  

Once we arrived home I had a burst of nervous energy.  I cleaned the living room and organized all the paperwork that finds it's way onto the coffee table in that room.  I also organized R's work area.  What a mess that area had become.  Now it's spic and span.  

Towards the end of the day we had to head back over to Dad's in order to help R unload the materials he had purchased at Home Depot for the repairs that need to be completed.  That was a lot of work!  After the physical labor I was happy to get a few nice shots.  


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