Friday, October 15, 2010


Well I sent my brother a birthday message yesterday.  Don't know if he received the message.  I hope he did but may never know.  Have not had any response.  I guess I need to let go for a while.

As for my second update...

Went to open house last night and met two of N's three teachers.  I liked them both.  I loved his ELA teacher.  His math teacher said we have met before, however I'm not sure where or when or how?  Hmmmm  The third teacher was not in attendance.  The housemaster and guidance counselor took her place for the night.  We didn't get much information about science but did hear about various programs and how anxious they are to have open communication and work to help all the children manage their time at school.  To that end I sent out an email to the counselor requesting a meeting to discuss what has been going on in the Science class.  She responded and forwarded the information to the housemaster so that he would be aware of what is happening.  I hope that this will be the impetus they need to create change in that class.

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