Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Growing Up

So no one ever told me that being a Mom would be so hard!  Transition to 6th grade this year for N has been challenging.  Not being a huge fan in the first place; it doesn't take much to make the experience very unpleasant for all involved.  (including the supportive family at home)  Unfortunately when they split up the kids into the different 'houses' at his school his best buddies ended up together and he is in a different house.  That was the first strike against the year.  Second snafu turned out to be a veteran Science teacher who 'yells'  and singles kids out.  Third snafu was the day she singled N out for asking a simple question. The final straw.... a week out of school due to a nasty stomach virus.  Those things have led us to this moment in time.  Nervous stomachs, tears, anxiety, worry... enough to go around for all involved.  Last night I learned through big salty tears that he doesn't like getting older and growing up, it is hard.

Yes growing up is hard.  I wish I could make it easier but it is something everyone experiences.  Sigh!  Hopefully today will be a better day.


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