Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well I have been feeling quite frustrated over the last couple of weeks.  My son has been struggling with the transition from 5th grade at our local middle school to the 6th grade at the same school.  I was not expecting such difficulty.  The teaching model in 6th grade follows a modified secondary schedule.  There is a different schedule for each day and much organization is needed in order to manage the schedule.  N isn't a big fan of school to start with but since the second week of school he has been dreading going to school each day.  Some mornings he is on the verge of tears.  It is breaking my heart.  I am happy that he has connected with two of his teachers.  The third teacher however leaves a LOT to be desired.  She was nice for the first couple of days but then started to show her true colors.  It seams that she has a short fuse, bad temper and very little patience for the children.  My son was even singled out by this teacher after asking if he should complete an assignment in pen or pencil.  His version of the story is that she threw up her hands and exclaimed(read yelled) that she was done!  Then she went on to say to the class "Someone answer P.......'s question!" referring to N by his last name.  Tonight I learned that she is going to be out of school for the rest of the week and there is a great deal of relief in my house.  N said that she is why he worries so much about school!  N also shared several other stories of things that have happened in class including the teacher hitting a boy's hands when he was cracking his knuckles, looking at another child and saying in an over exaggerated slow voice, "Am I talking slow enough for you now" because the child didn't understand the lesson not to mention the daily yelling when the kids ask her a question.   As an educator I find this type of behavior especially disturbing.  As a parent I am incensed that my child has been suffering on a daily basis because this teacher is allowed to spew her anger and negativity at 6th grade children.  I have already mentioned the problem to his other team teachers and to his guidance counselor.  I will be attending open house and will mention my concerns again.  I hope I can help to effect a change.  We'll see.

On top of all this I have been thinking about my brother a lot lately.  I wonder if he thinks about me?  He is turning 40 tomorrow.  I'll send him a e card but that is all I can do.  I don't have his address or his home phone.  Wouldn't want to risk talking to my SIL anyway.  I hope time will heal this wound.


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