Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Children ARE the Future!

So if children are our future(I believe they are) does it not make sense to invest in that future now by providing all children with the absolute best education? Preparing kids for life in the 21st century is not cheap and does not come easy. This said, even though we all know that children are the future and education is vital to that future; kids don't vote so..... It is up to the adults in our society to hold our political decision makers accountable for the promises they make around education.

Stand for Children organizes concerned citizens so that we can give children a voice in the political process that in many ways determines their future. In order to support our goal of excellent, quality education for all children we the members of Stand For Children, voted to focus on the following four planks:
  • No more lost ground: Prevent further cuts to essential school services.
  • Efficiencies and cost-savings: Encourage efficiencies and cost-savings strategies so more of our education dollars are available for direct support of student learning.
  • Long term funding: Develop adequate, equitable, and sustainable long-term funding solutions for education.
  • Innovation and investment to help all children succeed: Reduce persistent achievements gaps and help all children reach their potential.
I have been actively involved with this organization since the first week of n's first grade year of elementary school. I know they do very important work and am proud to join them as they stand up for all of our children.

Now we are working to create a virtual rally that supports education. An easy, free application has been created so that anyone can make a sign in support of education. These signs are going to be printed by Stand's Waltham office and then delivered to Beacon Hill. So if you are reading this go here to create your sign.


"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way"

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