Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays!

So it was a rainy day here by the ocean. The wind blew things around the deck and made quite a bit of noise throughout the morning. It would have been a great day for a nap, but I was able to maintain productivity throughout the day!
  • Ironing is complete
  • 7 conferences were written with my co teacher S
  • banking errand was accomplished
  • kitchen was cleaned
Not a bad days work. Now I feel like I could put my head down and fall asleep. I will resist the urge however as after just such a nap yesterday at about this same time I ended up with a bit of insomnia last night brought on by a case of indigestion When I awoke at 1:30am I tried turning on the TV but that didn't help especially with the cacophony of whistles, snorts and snores emanating from the other side of the bed. At 2 am I was comfortably settled on the old couch downstairs watching HGTV. I figure I fell back to sleep around 3am only to wake again at 6am when I heard R's alarm ring. It was good that today was Monday and I could stay inside and take things slow and easy.

So now I sit listening to the rain dance down the drain spout; the cars splash through the flooded road in front of my home; and my children work diligently on the homework they love to complain about. I could sit and loose myself in thought but my day is not done. Diner duty and nigh time rituals soon approach, but for now, this moment, I will just sit and listen.


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