Saturday, March 27, 2010

And So It Begins...

Well we met with the three real estate agents today. The day started at 9:30 and didn't come to a close until 2:00. It was exhausting. I was expecting resistance from my brother and did see a bit of what I expected, but not to the extent that I had anticipated. I had not expected my SIL to show up as I had been told that they were not getting along but she popped upstairs as the second presentation began with little J in tow. So annoying. She had nothing positive, constructive or helpful to say. As a matter of fact what she did say seemed to be focused on derailing the process and making sure that the agents knew exactly how bad of a condition the house is in. Supposedly the downstairs is in worse condition than the upstairs. Hard to believe considering the downstairs was completely stripped to studs and renovated 8 years ago. Infuriating. One pleasant result from the sale of Dad's home will be that I will not have to run into her any longer. There are few people that I dislike as much as I dislike her. That's another post all together.

Anyway the agents came in and shared their philosophies, their companies philosophies and their marketing strategies. The only agent who came on time was the last one. Prices thrown around ranged from 250K to 350K. We are leaning toward the last agent. She had a two pronged marketing approach that included some traditional marketing as well as a proactive marketing approach that relied heavily on technology. Before we sign with anyone we will be spending two weeks to clean out the yard and the house. The curb appeal will be the most important in my opinion so that people can envision putting up their own home on the property.

The entire day was exhausting. I just want the entire process to be over. I am a bit disappointed as I don't think we will get as much for the home as I originally thought, but what can we do.


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