Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Ark?

Well no we won't need an ark here at my house. I was thinking we might for a bit yesterday. The rain has all but stopped and the forecast is for clouds with a chance of showers. We ended up with more than 5" of rain during this last storm. A small amount compared to towns in R.I. where they had over 9" of rain dumped on them over the last two days. Such destruction water can cause. Across the state roads have closed, homes have been flooded and entire neighborhoods have been cut off from the rest of their towns due to this crazy weather. In my neck of the woods we are dry and save although the woods across the street from us and next to our driveway were flooded. The storm drain out in front of our house filled to capacity and flooded the road. Yesterday the town sent out a truck to investigate. Four town workers jumped out to look at the puddle, take pictures and assess the situation. R was home so he went down to see what they were doing. When he spoke to them they had no idea there were even storm drains on the street. They also thought the huge flood in our neighbors back yard was the 'run' off site. R gave them the facts. Yes we have storm drains that have needed to be cleaned out for months and the run off site was the 'pond' up the street. When he asked these four town workers what they were going to do about the flooded road they replied that they didn't know. So it took four people to figure that out? Very interesting. Thankfully with the end of the rain the flood waters have receded. We now have an ever growing pothole in front of our house as well as a crumbling burm in front of our mailbox. Nothing in comparison to the news reports of basements full of ever rising water that threatens to spill into first floor living spaces. I think we are very fortunate to live on a little hill where we can stay dry and safe.


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