Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Break Down!

So just when you think you have everything under control you realize maybe you are wrong.

I had a mini emotional meltdown at school today. It was ok. Today was a professional day, no children and we were learning about the Nurtured Heart Approach. We were working on an exercise where we chose a word out of a basket "ME", "YOU", or "SUPERSTAR". Depending on the word chosen the individual held up a mirror (figuratively) and energized one of the group(YOU), themselves(ME) or had the entire group energize them with positive reflections of everyday innate goodness. It wasn't even my turn when I lost it. We were energizing my teaching partner 'S' and the tears came. I didn't break down and ball although I could have very easily. I brushed away the tears and then took my turn in the process. I picked the word ME and had to say something good about myself. It was hard and it took me a minute to compose myself. Finally I said "I am stronger than I know." Then all my friends/coworkers started reflecting positives towards me and the tears flowed. It was very powerful. You never know when the emotions will bubble right up to the top.

I am thankful to work with such caring individual. I am very fortunate and so grateful.



Alicia said...

I, too, am grateful for your colleagues. As strong as we may be, we need others to reflect back the love and support we so freely offer others.

Peace to you, my friend.

Barbara said...

Thanks Alicia! I don't know what's going on with me lately. At times I've been a mess. Bad or sad dreams at night. Sometimes even though from the outside it looks like I'm ok I feel like I'm melting down on the inside and going crazy. With time I know it will subside but I want it to stop now.

I so appreciate you reading and commenting. It means so much.


Alicia said...

I just wish the feed worked properly. Look on my blog and it shows you haven't posted for 9 months. And Bloglines doesn't pick you up at all. So I have to be intentional about reading you ... Intentionality is a good thing, but I'm afraid it means you slip through the cracks a bit more often than I'd like to admit.

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