Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care

So Teddy Kennedy must be looking down smiling now that health care reform is moving forward. I must say that while I totally agree that we need a better system I am woefully uninformed on what this bill actually means for our country. It worries me that this basic need is such a divisive topic for our country. Our elected officials have succumbed to heckling each other and spreading inaccurate information.... in the name of what? profit? big business? pharmaceutical companies? special interests? I guess it's all of the above. I have read comments on FB that equate this move to jumping the fence right over socialism to communism and making the reference to the fall of Russia due to funding programs that were unaffordable. I don't understand it. If Canada can have a health care system facilitated by their government why can't we? I will do more reading and become better informed and hopefully come back to this subject. One last thought.... why is it ok for us to be in wars in countries that do not want our help, spending billions of dollars and risking the lives of our military but it is not ok to provide health care for all of our citizens?

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