Monday, March 1, 2010


Well sorry for my less than polite post of yesterday. It was how I felt at a certain moment in time and it was cathartic to type those words. Do I still feel that way? Yes, but not in such a visceral way in this moment. That is a blessing.

So it is a messy weather day today. The kids had a late start for school that should have put me two hours behind but I chose to use that time wisely and was able to get some things done and crossed off my to do list. iron clothes, order oil, download iwork, transfer n's photos, plan meals for the week Not bad and the day is not even half over. Still to do would be finish ironing, wash floor in kitchen, make pizza dough, do state taxes, call brother to find out about dumpster, transfer school photos That list should bring me up to the time that N will be expected home from school. Once he gets home it will be all about the homework, teaching him how to create docs on iwork(we'll have to learn together), hearing about his day and then doing the same with n when she gets home.

It's looking to be a productive day and I am feeling optimistic despite the gray day outside.

I did dream about Dad again last night but can't remember the details. It seemed better than the last dream, at least that is the impression I have.

Well I'm off to continue my productive day.



C said...

I truly believe that you don't need to apologize for your words or your post. It was something that you felt you needed to get out. This is YOUR blog and YOUR place to vent, speak, write, express...

I hope you continue to have more cathartic posts. They're certainly helpful. At least I think so! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks C! You are right. I guess it is in my nature to feel guilty and then feel the need to apologize. Maybe it's an Irish Catholic thing?

Thanks for your support!


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